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Buying Bribes - Er, School Supplies

I’ve been running around during
naptimes buying supplies for Maddie for school, and much to the
dismay of my wallet, I’ve reached that feverish stage where
I’m throwing money at anything I see that looks as if it has
a remote chance in interesting my daughter in attending school.

We’ve determined we’re going to buy a messenger bag
instead of a back pack, and I’ve been scouring the city
trying to find one she’ll like. Maddie’s already
decreed that the only bag she’ll even consider taking to
school – IF she decides to go to school – will be a bag
with either Ariel or Tinkerbell on it. I am digging in my heels
here and trying to avoid letting any more of my money go to Disney
for a while, especially since I’m guessing (ok, hoping) that
she’ll be over the Ariel phase soon. So I said no to the
Ariel lunch bag, sticking with her very nice butterfly one for
right now. And I’m trying to find an uber-hip, totally cool
messenger bag that will make a four-year-old forget all about that
stupid mermaid and her purple shell bra. So far I’ve brought
home a couple bags, none of which have been accepted, and I have to
admit I’ve started sneaking looks at Ariel bags online. You
know, just in case I cave.

I’m not limiting my desperation
shopping to bags, though; I’m covering the spectrum with my
indiscriminate shopping. I’ve hit a couple consignment stores
and brought home some very cute clothes, if I do say so myself.
Maddie’s approved everything, which is a relief, but has also
voiced her need for pink sparkle tennis shoes. IF she decides to go
to school. I’ve seen them at Children’s Place, but
again I have a hard time blowing cash on something I know
won’t fit right and will sit in the bottom of her shoe drawer
after one wearing.

I’m also looking for a nap mat, and I think I’m
investing this item with way too much power. I want something cool
and well-made and really comfortable. I want something that will
embrace her and make her feel my hugs from a couple miles away,
that she can snuggle into and relax and have happy thoughts. I am,
therefore, reluctant to succumb and buy the tacky, polyster-blend
Ariel bag. But I know myself, and know that the redheaded princess
may well grace my child’s nap mat on the first day of school.

And finally, there’s the lunch thing. Maddie has to be able
to open her entire lunch unassisted, which rules out pretty much
all Tupperware containers, and I have a thing against baggies on a
daily basis from an eco-friendly standpoint. I’ve found a few
things that I think will be a big hit, but I don’t want to
say any more until we’ve had a dry run: Maddie’s
heading to a friend’s house Friday for a “practice
school lunch”. We’ll see how it goes.

The clock’s ticking, and I know I have a limited time to find
the “perfect” things and persuade my child that 1)
school is fun and 2) it’s worth going to, just so she can use
all her cool gear.

Is it possible that I’m flailing desperately around, trying
to find all the “perfect” things to distract myself
from the fact that my baby, my little girl, my apple of my eye is
growing up and about to start school, take another Simon Says step
away from me?

Nah. I’m going to stick with the Picky Daughter excuse.


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