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What's Better Than Woot?

I know I’ve written about href="http://www.woot.com/" target="_blank">Woot, the
website that sells a different item every day, all day. Sometimes
it’s awesome stuff, like a computer or awesome printer, and
sometimes it’s yet another Roomba. But every day I have to
check, just in case they’re carrying something like an
iPod-like MP3 player for fifteen bucks that I can snatch up for the

Last week, Woot launched target="_blank">Kid Woot, which is all things
child-related. The first day they offered a very comprehensive pack
of Thomas track pieces and stops like the Watertower and Windmill,
for an incredible price. They’ve also offered Little Mermaid
toothbrushes that sing while you brush, video games, and more.

Remember, you have to check back every day, and that in itself
becomes a little addictive – what crap do I not need that is
on sale that I can’t live without? But the deals really are
extraordinary, and as Christmas looms closer you’ll be glad
you keep looking in.

And yes, I’m ashamed to say that my husband did buy the
singing Mermaid toothbrushes. Can’t wait.


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