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Get Ready For A Long Winter

Two Sundays ago, Cora was hit with bad
diarrhea for about twenty-four hours, thankfully BEFORE we got in
the car to go to church. A few days later, we all got flu shots and
the girls were achy and cranky for a couple days. Saturday morning,
Cora woke up with a high fever and spent the weekend miserable and
hot, with a dry cough and a little vomiting thrown in for good

And yes, I rushed her to the doctor, and no, it wasn’t the
flu, but believe me I checked.

Now she’s got a little cough again, and is sneezing and
sniffly. I’ve had a miserable time with allergies this week,
and my throat’s raw and I’m coughing like Camille dying
of tuberculosis. Brian had the nerve to say he was coughing a
little bit this morning. So maybe it’s not allergies, or
maybe our whole freakin’ family has the same allergies.

Kids in Maddie’s classroom have been diagnosed with the swine
flu, and while the school is diligent in its hygiene, that’s
the sort of thing you just can’t stop. And I know that the
swine flu seems to be milder than everyone had thought, but I still
can’t imagine it’s much fun. So far, Maddie is healthy,
and I’m about to send her to live in a bubble for a couple

I’d really hoped this winter would be different than last
winter, when Cora and I seemed to catch every single bug that went
around, but so far I’m not thrilled, and I’m not
looking forward to the enforced isolation that’s to come. I
already feel as if I haven’t slept through the night in a
couple of weeks, and my beautiful sleep-filled vacation is but a
distant memory.

It’s gonna be a long few months.


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