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In Training

Maddie’s got a fundraiser for her
preschool today – a bike-a-thon. The school is setting the
parking lot up with cones to make a circular track, and each class
comes outside at recess time to ride laps around the track –
scooter, trike, bicycle, whatever. The children are supposed to
receive pledges for their ride – so many dollars for each
lap, that kind of thing – and try to go around as many times
as possible. The school suggests aiming for one lap for each year
of a child’s age, so Maddie should be shooting for four laps.

She stated yesterday that she feels confident she’ll reach
somewhere between ten and twenty.

Maddie is taking this fundraiser
seriously, and has been training for it for almost two weeks now.
Right now she’s leaning towards the scooter as her ride of
choice, but she’s wavering between that and the bike so
she’s practiced on both. She’ll take her ride out into
our cul-de-sac and go around and around the circle determinedly.
Unless, of course, she’s detoured by a bunny or some pretty

The point of this thing is to raise money, obviously, but
it’s also to show children how their actions can make a
difference – the more they strive, the more they can help the
school. I love the idea and support it wholeheartedly, I do. I just
watch my little overachiever and worry she’s taking this
waaay too seriously. I know she’s a little worrier, and I
don’t want her to feel that the burden of the school’s
success or failure rests singlehandedly on her shoulders. Either
that, or she’s worried she’ll be significantly worse
than her classmates and feel the shame of failure, or at least

On the whole, she’s approaching this with excitement –
a big project to prepare for! A break from the routine, and an
excuse for a special outfit! A chance to show everyone her Princess
scooter! So I know I’m probably just over analyzing it and
need to relax and just enjoy the show.

Anyhow, we’re off soon, and you can bet your patooty
I’m taking lots of video. Will she choose the scooter, or the
bike? Will she get in the zone and break the age barrier, or will
she get bored and wander off looking for snacks? Only time will

And of course, I will too in tomorrow’s blog.


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