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Fire Drill At Ballet

So there everyone was, happily pirouetting
and leaping about, when strobe lights started flashing and an
INCREDIBLY loud siren began blaring. A dozen budding ballerinas
were herded out onto the street, more startled than scared at
first, as we waited for the fire engine to come turn the alarm off.
Cora was busy with her own “class” in other studio, and
after a brief freakout from the loud noise was happy to join the
other girls in their impromptu sidewalk ballet.

Because that is, of course, what happened.
Put several preschoolers on a sidewalk in a leotard and tights and
they’ll begin dancing up and down the walk, giddy with the
delicious novelty of dancing outside. The girls pranced, they
frolicked, they leapt and twirled. And then took breaks to watch
for the fire truck.

For whatever (mildly disturbing) reason, the fire truck took almost
twenty minutes to arrive and shut off the siren – and that
was with us calling 911 ourselves. So we only had ten minutes left
in class by the time we were allowed back in, but it was enough
time to wipe the bad taste of the nasty alarm out of our collective
mouths and finish on a grand note.

And of course, even as the teacher apologized profusely on the
sidewalk in embarrassment and promised to schedule a free make-up
class, the girls all agreed that this was the best. Ballet. Class.


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