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Return To The Land Of The Dinosaurs

You may recall that a couple months ago we
visited our local science museum’s exciting outdoor dinosaur
display, to disastrous effect. The life-sized, robotically animated
dinosaurs scared the poop out of both girls, and they swore
they’d never return to the museum again until the dinosaurs
were gone.

They’ve changed their minds – sort of.

We’re about to head off to a
birthday party at the museum, and frankly I think it’s the
lure of cake that is dragging them back to Dinosaur Land.
I’ve been talking casually about the upcoming party for a
while, but just revealed this weekend that it’s at the
“dinosaur museum”. Maddie spoke for both girls and
questioned me at length:

“Is the party going to be outside, where the dinosaurs
are?” “I think that at least part of the party will be
indoors, but I’m guessing that since it’s a nature
museum we’ll be outside some of the time.”

Silent thinking.

“Well, will we have to walk past the dinosaurs?’

“The dinosaurs are on a specific nature trail, so I’m
going to assume that we will not be required to walk past the
dinosaurs to get to the outdoor festivities.”

More silent thinking, while Maddie and Cora communed nonverbally
and came up with another question. With an encouraging nod from
Cora, Maddie asked the next question:

“Well, will we be within EYESIGHT of the dinosaurs? Like,
will they be able to see us?”

Repressed sigh of irritation. From me.

“Hon, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to see a
little of the T-Rex, since he’s huge and right at the top of
the trail. But I bet that we will be behind T-Rex, so even though
you can see him, he won’t be able to see you. And yes,”
I hastened to anticipate her already-forming argument, “I
know that the T-Rex’s head can move and he has really
excellent vision, but I think you’ll be in his blind spot. So
if he does any roaring, it’ll be at people in front of

The girls trepidatiously agreed to go, and I think they’ll be
ok, but I’m anticipating some anxiety attacks in the car
along the way.

Now is probably not the time to tell them that, due to the birthday
girl’s wishes, there will be no cake.


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