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Yes, Indeedy, I'm One Of Those Parents

Maddie’s preschool presented their
annual Christmas concert last night, and I swore walking in there I
wouldn’t be one of THOSE parents – I’d sit there
and savor the moment rather than racing frantically to record it,
thus missing the actual moment itself.

Yeah, not so much.

Can I just say that there is nothing more
beautiful than a little girl dressed up in Christmas finery?
I’d bought an official “holiday party wear”
outfit for the girls for December – the concert, Nutcracker,
and such outings. Last night was the first debut of the outfits,
and Maddie positively glowed in her poufy red satin skirt and
shimmery sweater with velvet bows. You could see she felt
beautiful, and that made me very happy.

Cora took a little persuading into her Christmas finery – she
had her eye on a Hawaiian muumuu hanging in her closet instead.
Always marching to her own drummer, she is. But she came around and
the two were a beautiful complimentary set.

So I was already in Proud Mama mode as I sat in the sanctuary
waiting for the kids to march in, yet I still looked askance at all
the parents crowding the aisles when their child marched in. Every
class came in separately for their “solo” number, so
the aisle camcorder brigade rotated out after each song, and I
leaned over to Brian and said smugly, “I’m so glad
we’re not like them! I’m so glad we can just relax and
enjoy the beautiful evening and videotape from our seats.”

Then Maddie’s class came marching in, and I couldn’t
find her in the crowd. I finally spotted her head bobbing along,
but couldn’t draw a bead with my camera. In desperation, I
hissed at Brian, “What are you waiting for? Get out in the
aisle so you can get a clear shot!”

Yep, I threw in the towel and became one
of the masses adoring their children’s every move, and
recording each moment for posterity.

In my defense, I must explain that I want the video for myself, not
for her and some embarrassing “Maddie: the Early Years”
DVD retrospective to be played at her high school graduation party.
Though I’m sure that will be done. No, I wanted to capture
the night because the pure sweetness of it simply pierced my heart,
and I wanted to hold that moment in a jar and never let it go. I
know she’s growing up and moving on, and I want to be able to
look back on these moments and remember my little girl, my baby, as
she took her first steps out into life. I saw the room packed with
fawning family and restless siblings, and my cup overflowed.

So there I am – firmly in the ranks of Over-Achieving
Documentarian. But before you judge me, I dare you to attend your
own child’s sweet moments and put the camera down yourself.
Not as easy as you think, I promise.


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