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Unnecessary Toxins

I mentioned yesterday that I’d been
reading some interesting child-related articles recently. One such
article was target="_blank">Healthy Child, Healthy World’s recent
blog entitled, href="http://healthychild.org/blog/comments/the_top_10_toxic_products_you_dont_need/"
target="_blank">“The Top Ten Toxic Products You Don’t

I’m going to highly recommend that you read this article
yourself – it’s short, easy, and filled with ideas for
substitutes for supposed can’t-live-withouts like oven
cleaner (which I have never in my adult life used, and as you know
I’m quite the baker). And you know that I’m probably on
the left side of the earth-friendly, tree-hugging,
make-your-own-everything spectrum. But these things aren’t
all difficult to give up, I promise, and the benefits are

One of the top toxic products you can live
without that they discuss is bottled water. Oftentimes no more
healthy than your tap water, it comes in plastic bottles that are
bad for the environment and which can leach chemicals into the very
water you’re drinking. But I know I don’t have to tell
you this – I know all my readers use stainless-steel water
bottles when you’re on the go already, right?

There are, though, some surprising products on that list. Canned
goods, for one, and rubber duckies for another. Seriously, check
out the list – it’s made me have a long talk with my
dry-cleaner. And if you’re not familiar with Healthy Child,
Healthy World, take some time to peruse their website –
it’s one of my favorites, and a heavily bookmarked one for
me. HCHW isn’t some radical fringe organization that wants
you to live in a cabin and grow your own hemp for clothing. They
were at the front of the BPA plastic fight, bringing it in front of
the government years before the news media caught wind of it. So
whatever they’re talking about now, you can pretty much be
sure it’ll be mainstream in three years.

So do yourself a favor – look over the list, and be one of
the cool kids at the front of the trend.


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