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The Perfect Storm Of Mommy Scheduling

I feel like I have no time to even blog
about this!

I know I’m somewhat obsessive compulsive and a bit of a
perfectionist (I see all my friends laughing out there) but I do
try to set boundaries and keep my priorities straight. Sometimes,
though, everything seems to come together at one time and I’m
left scrambling to get it all done with no casualties.

Last night was Maddie’s school
concert/parent-teacher thingie. I had to juggle my teaching
schedule a bit and make some parents irate, but otherwise not a lot
of work on my part, except for the brownies I’d promised to
bake for the bake sale afterwards. Which is not a big deal, since I
love to bake, except that we’re baking furiously because
Maddie’s having a lemonade stand/baked goods sale on Saturday
during our neighborhood-wide garage sale, so we’re on baking

Which would not be a big deal – I love a crisp spring
Saturday morning outside – except for the fact that I’m
teaching on Saturday morning as a favor to another teacher who
couldn’t make it this weekend. Which of course wouldn’t
be a problem – I mean, Brian and mom cover the girls every
other Saturday anyway, what’s one more Saturday morning even
if it does mean my introvert husband has to help his daughter sell
lemonade to total strangers who try to haggle down the price of a
glass of lemonade from a FOUR-YEAR-OLD – except for the fact
that I’ve got a big show coming up on Saturday which
I’ve been rehearsing a lot for, and absent a bit more than
usual. So I won’t see the girls at all on Saturday, except
when the sitter brings them backstage at intermission before taking
them home to bed.

And, you know, that’s fine – the girls know I love them
and we spend a lot of time together. I’m even taking Maddie
out of school early on Wednesday to go strawberry picking because
the season’s about to end and we can’t go on Saturday
for many reasons (see above). Which would normally be fine, except
that I’m teaching Pilates on Wednesday afternoon to make up
for the fact that I can’t do it on my regular Thursday
afternoon time slot (see above rehearsal excuse) so I’ve got
to move the Pilates session back a bit to make time for strawberry

Which explains why I’m doing some baking at 11 o’clock
at night.

And of course, Cora’s birthday party is next weekend.
Don’t get me started on that to-do list. Then there’s
Maddie’s graduation – from PRE-SCHOOL - , then her
Memorial Day weekend ballet recital, then Maddie’s birthday
party, and then we’re full-swing into summer, with all the
summer camps, extra teaching on my part, and kindergarten
freak-outs that it entails. Lazy days by the pool?

Gonna have to work that into the schedule.


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