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Best. July. 4. Ever.

I’ve done many things over the 4th
of July. In our nation’s capitol, I took a private cruise up
the Potomac and watched the Mall fireworks from there. In historic
Boston, I camped out on the Charles River along with tens of
thousands of other people. In New York, we threw a picnic blanket
down on our floor, turned off all the lights, and watched the
famous fireworks out of our big front picture window. I’ve
definitely had some good Independence Days.

But Sunday was hands down the best.

We chose to do something new this year,
and bought tickets to a minor league baseball game. The stadium is
new, but built to look like a quaint, small-town Victorian stadium,
and gosh darn it, the stadium really is charming. The girls had
never been to a baseball game before, and this was about the best
experience we could have hoped for. Used to major-league stadiums,
I was astonished at how close we sat to the players, how easy it
was to get to restrooms – and how clean they were!

Both girls were bug-eyed the entire time, and truthfully seemed to
be biding their time until they were permitted the promised cotton
candy. But we had a fantastic time the whole game, and here are
some of the reasons why:

First, we went with some friends, and Maddie thinks
anything’s better with her friend Elise along. Plus, Elise
brought an extra glove for Maddie and Cora to share, which was, of
course, too cool.

Second, as we sat in our seats at the top of the section, who
should walk by but Maddie’s boyfriend Jonathan. Swoon. Talk
about a major bonus.

Third, a military C-130 plane buzzed overhead during the climax of
the national anthem. I dare you to keep a dry eye during that.

Fourth, Maddie and Elise were approached before the game to be a
part of the between-innings entertainment. The girls wore animal
masks, stood on the field, and made animal noises, winning t-shirts
and the roar of approval from the crowd.

Fourth, the park has a playground for restless kids. With a bounce
house. Genius.

Fifth, well, there’s all the food. The girls had hot dogs,
popcorn, Dippin’ Dots ice cream, chocolate milk, and of
course, cotton candy.

Sixth, Elise’s daddy and Brian co-caught a foul ball.
Seriously, what are the odds? The ball’s being time-shared as
I type.

Seventh, the seventh-inning stretch. Maddie and Elise lustily
belted out “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” at the top of
their lungs, arms flung around each other’s shoulders.

And then they did it again, with some rehearsed choreography.

Eighth, we won. There’s nothing worse than your team losing
on July 4. Not that I would know.

Ninth, the fireworks were just right. They came right after the
game, with great music. Not too much, not too little, just right.
And I should say here that we have held off on taking Cora to see
fireworks – she’s barely 3, and in past years have not
wanted the heartache that comes with keeping a baby up so late. But
this year we knew she was ready, so I’ve been looking forward
to the event. Cora was worried most of the evening – to the
point that she asked if we could go home, or if she and I could at
least hide in the bathroom during them. But she was brave, and sat
with her hands covering her ears the whole time. She stared, never
blinking, and when Maddie shouted, “Look, it’s like
pixie dust!” Cora cracked a smile that never left.

The girls were up two hours past their bedtimes, and were good as
gold. No tears, no fights. Easy out from parking, and on the way
home we saw another fireworks display starting so we pulled over to
watch them. Both girls cheered every one.

As we pulled into our driveway Maddie said, “Cora, what was
your favorite part of the night?” I looked at Cora, thinking
she’d say “the bounce house” or “the ice
cream”. Cora didn’t hesitate – she said,
“The fireworks. They’re awfully beautiful, aren’t
they? My goodness.”

I think we somehow simply got the recipe right this year. Not too
big of a crowd, but enough people around to make you feel like part
of something bigger than yourself. Not too crazy of a fireworks
exhibit, but not just your neighbor’s understaffed
fire-hazard-in-the-making, either. A little too much junk food, and
not quite enough sleep. Add good friends and the magic of a farm
team baseball game, and you’re done.

I’m not sure how we’re going to top that next year
– or maybe we won’t try. Maybe we’ll just go with
the flow and see what comes up.


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