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Cave Dweller

I went to my women’s Bible study
last night and came home after the girls had gone to bed. Yep,
missing bed time is just one of the perks of digging into the Good
Book! Anyway, I made my rounds of the rooms, knowing the girls were
“waiting up” for me. Maddie was awake and hyper and
ready to chat, so it took a few minutes to get myself out an into
Cora’s room.

I found Cora huddled almost completely under the blankets –
including the down comforter. Only the tip of her nose and part of
her eyes were showing; everything else was covered up. She was, of
course, drenched in sweat, and I could tell by the amount of sweat
on her ringlets that she was less than half an hour away from
waking herself up from being so hot, crying for a few minutes, then
going back to sleep, covers flung back.

This is a thing of Cora’s, obviously. She won’t go to
sleep unless the blankets are pulled up, and even if I go easy with
them she scrunches down. Then she gets unbearably hot, natch, and
wakes up, sweating profusely and calling for mommy.

Her desire to be in a cave weaves
throughout the day, and has me a little bit worried. She loves to
bury herself under her covers and wait for someone to come and find
her. Which is fine – if someone knows they’re supposed
to be looking for her. I’ve had to specifically forbid her to
hide unless she tells a grown-up where she’ll be; one time
she hid under all her covers and down comforter inside her bed for
about twenty minutes before I realized where she was. As a
consequence, I removed her comforter for the rest of the day and
she quickly learned her lesson.

Cora’s more than happy to have someone join her under the
covers, and nothing delights her more than a couple additional warm
bodies next to her, under the sheets, building up carbon dioxide
amongst friends. She loves to burrow down with Mommy, face to face,
snuggling and touching and giggling occasionally. She’ll hide
under throw blankets on backs of couches, towels in the bathroom
– you name it, she’ll burrow in it.

Now that we’ve gotten some guidelines set, I’m fine
with it. I’ll even join her regularly since I know it means
so much to her. I do, however, draw the line at having to stay in
there for long periods of time with her.

Call me crazy, but slowly losing consciousness from lack of oxygen
just ain’t what it used to be.


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