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That Kid's Going Down

I’m going to cut to the chase here.
My kid’s got a boy in class – who will remain nameless
– who is making her life not-so-great, and the only thing
keeping me from going over to his house and knocking him down is
that the school has not yet published our school directory for the
year. Possibly for just this reason.

Last week, Maddie told me this boy was making fun of her at recess.
“He was teasing me because I don’t play football. I
told him girls can’t play football but he wouldn’t

“Well,” I said reasonably, “Did you tell him you
actually do play football? You play it with Sam on play
dates.” True story.

Maddie looked at me witheringly.
“Mom, that’s not real football, on a team, like this
boy plays.”

“Honey,” I said, “I guarantee you the football
you play is more real than this boy’s. His team plays flag
football, and you play tackle with Sam. He gave you a bloody nose
once, remember?”

Maddie shook her head sadly. “It’s still not real
football, on a team.”

Apparently this boy takes pleasure in regularly taunting Maddie. He
scorns her, calls her names, and teases her about all sorts of
subjects. Now, I know that boys do that to girls they like, and
I’ve discussed that possibility with her. But yesterday he
made my kid cry – out loud – in lunch, which shamed her
to no end.

And from what I’ve learned, this is not the only boy to
bother Maddie. I’ve discovered there’s another boy who
sits near her and calls her names. Every day. And has been rebuked
by the teacher. Numerous tims. I don’t have the full story,
but I’ve got an itchy trigger finger and am just trying to
figure out where to point the rifle.

I know, I know. Two sides to every story. Don’t badger the
teacher. I’ll get as complete a story as possible, and wait
for a good moment to bring it up and work calmly on a resolution.

But if that doesn’t work, I’m kicking some ass.


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