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Bleh Bleh

Cora's sleepless night Monday night was
explained Tuesday morning, when she woke up with a violent rash
over every inch of her body.

I am a bad Mommy.

Cora has had amoxicillan once before, a year or so ago; she got a
mild rash from it, and the doctor declared it (cleverly enough) an
Amoxicillan Rash. Turns out everyone can get it, and most people
get it every tenth time or so that they take amoxicillan. Since
Cora only had it once, she risked the rash again to try to knock
out Cora's strep.

Bad move.

This rash was in her ears, between her toes, you name it, she was
covered there. Apparently the zyrtec I'd been giving her for
allergies had slowed the onset of the reaction but when it came it
was a doozy. So now that it's happened twice, the doctor is
officially nixing the penicillan family for Cora. The good news is
that it's not a true allergy - just a sensitivity - so if she
accidentally has some she won't die. The bad news is that my kid
didn't look so good for a while, and people ran screaming from her
at open gym.

I told a friend of mine that I'd jokingly said to a mom I didn't
know, "I'm assuming your kid has had the chicken pox vaccine." It
cleared the room, and my friend I suggested I take Cora to, say,
Six Flags and enjoy her newfound ability to move us to the head of
any line.

I am a bad Mommy.


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