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The Littlest Cowboy

Sunday after church we stopped at the
grocery store to get donuts, a treat in which we indulge about once
a month. Believe it or not, our grocery store has really good
donuts, and we’ve decided we prefer that site to a donut
store. But walking in and out of a grocery store during post-church
hours will definitely take more time than a quick stop to a donut
store, so it was already after noon when we got the girls strapped
back into their car seats.

“By the way,” I said nonchalantly, “what time
does the Cowboy game start?”

“It actually started a few minutes ago,” Brian said as
he gritted his teeth trying to be patient.

From the back seat we heard, “WHAT??? The Cowboy game is on?
I’ve got to get home and get into my jersey!”

Yes, Cora is a die-hard fan, and
there’s hardly a cuter sight on the planet than her in her
Tony Romo jersey and jeans, just like Daddy. As soon as we arrived
home, she tore upstairs, put on her gear, and ran down to sit on
the couch in front of the big-screen t.v.

I relax my television rules during Cowboy season and the girls are
allowed to watch with their daddy as long as he 1) doesn’t
cuss, and 2) pauses and skips the commercials. So the girls sit and
enthusiastically cheer or boo as required, which makes their papa
quite proud.

This Sunday I set up their little table in the kitchen still on the
wood floor but with a clear sightline of the television, and the
girls ate at the table while screaming at the television.
“Go, boys, go!” Cora yelled, and when they scored a
touchdown she jumped up and yelled, “YES! Good job, guys! Did
you see how high that man jumped??”

That night as we said our prayers, Cora was thankful that the
Cowboys won. She concluded with, “And God, please heal Tony
Romo’s shoulder soon.” For those of you who don’t
know – gasp – Tony Romo is the quarterback, currently
out with a fractured collarbone. My daughter clearly wants a bit of
divine intervention for her man.

Then Cora added, “Although the team seems to be doing just
fine without him.”

Like father, like daughter.


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