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Mommy's Little Carolers

I think it’s no secret that my girls
do love themselves and audience, and last year when they learned
about the tradition of door-to-door caroling they were all over it.
We laid plans with like-minded friends which went awry, but I
should not have been surprised when Maddie and her friend Elise
both brought it up this year – “We’re going
caroling this year, right?”

Yesterday was a balmy December day in Texas, hovering in the
mid-seventies and forcing me into a short-sleeved shirt.
Nonetheless, at 5 p.m. it was Music Time and we saddled up our
sleigh – er, wagon – and hit the road. Listen, if you
had seen my girls coming down the street you would’ve pulled
over and died of cuteness. There they were in red outfits, santa
hats on, jingle bells tied around them, singing lustily as they
warmed up their repertoire. I know it’s not just because
I’m their mom – they were extraordinarily adorable.

We hooked up with gal pal Elise and were
good to go, Elise’s daddy strumming on the guitar and all
three girls hyped up with anticipation. The evening turned into a
kind of progressive caroling party as we picked up more children
along the way, and by the time we hit the last house there were six
or seven girls strung out singing “We Wish You A Merry
Christmas” at the top of their lungs. I think we covered a
good mile and a half or so, with Cora steadfastly refusing to ride
in the wagon – “Mommy, I’m Rudolph, I have to be
in front!” We’d brought ginger snaps and peppermint
bark candy for refreshment, with Cora occasionally barking
“Mommy! Water! Quick!” right before she needed to start
singing again.

Seriously, the night was awesome fun. We strolled the neighborhood
laughing and singing and had a great time, and I can totally see
this becoming a yearly thing. A few years down the road it might
evolve so much that we might end at someone’s house for a
small caroling party, coming in for cocoa and cookies and more
singing and laughing. I don’t know; I just know it was darn

So if you’re considering moving to Texas, I’m telling
you, make sure you move into my neighborhood. The local
entertainment is awesome.


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