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Crushing On The Katts Brothers

A few weeks ago Maddie was introduced to
“Wild Kratts”, a new television show on PBS, through
recess play time. She begged so enthusiastically for me to record
it that I did, though I had no idea what it was about.

Fast forward a few weeks, and it’s now the girls’
favorite show.

“Wild Kratts” follows two
brothers around the world talking about different animals. Yep,
it’s an animal show. Part of the show is real people, as the
brothers show real animals in their natural habitats and give the
viewer cool facts about them. And then the other part is cartoon,
as cartoon versions of the two men race around the world saving
endangered animals from a variety of (rather harmless) evil

In general, the show is entertaining and packed with factual
information, so I’m quite relieved we are no longer stuck in
the “Little Mermaid” loop. The two brothers are funny
and engaging while still getting across a lot of rather dry facts,
and I think it’s rather clear that my girls are now crushing
on the boys.

Yesterday, after watching their afternoon episode, the girls
proceeded to draw full-sized sharks and cut them out. Then they
dressed up in dress-up clothes. Why, do you ask? As it was
explained to me, the dress-up clothes will make the girls look like
“regular, non-threatening girls” to the Kratts
brothers. Then, when the brothers draw near, the girls’
“true” selves will emerge – the sharks –
and chase the brothers.

“Why, again?” I asked skeptically.

“Because it’s fun! I like (insert brother #1’s
name) and Cora likes (Insert brother #2’s name)!”
Maddie yelled.

“And why sharks, specifically?” I pursued.

“Because sharks can swim faster than whales, did you know
that?” Maddie yelled as she ran away.

They’re constantly blurting out information at odd moments
now; as we walked down a very shallow river over spring break,
Maddie yelled, “Mom, look at me! I’m a basilik lizard,
and I can run across the water at speeds of up to twenty-five miles
an hour before laying my eggs on the surface of the water!”

Well done, honey.

Listen, it could be horrifically worse – at least the
brothers have degrees (two nice doctors for my girls!) and
don’t aspire to be princes; the only dragons they seek are
the protected Komodo dragons – which can grow up to ten feet

Don’tcha know.


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