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Life Isn't Always Like The Movies, Baby

Yesterday Cora got her first haircut EVER.
Yes, Mommy got a little weepy.

I had to talk Cora into it, which surprised me about me normally
gung-ho little girl. First she wanted to wait until her big sister
could go with her to hold her hand. Then she wanted Daddy to go
with her. Apparently she was worried that getting her hair cut
would hurt, since we talk about how sharp scissors are and how
they’ll cut her. I finally persuaded her by reminding her
that Maddie always gets ice cream after a haircut.

“But Mommy,” Cora said
craftily, “the lady at the hair place always gives Maddie a
lollipop, too, and if she gives me a lollipop I’ll want to
eat that AND some ice cream!” My girl covers her bases.

We finally went, and Cora was full of self-importance, dressed in a
favorite dress and wearing her rock-star shoes. Barely ten minutes
later her souvenir lock of baby hair was in a baggie ready for me
to take home. “You mean that’s my baby hair?
THAT’S SO COOL!” Cora said. The rest of the haircut
Cora primped in the mirror, exclaiming in amazement as she
didn’t even feel the scissors.

For the rest of the day Cora expected people to notice her haircut
– a small trim to get the dead ends off her
not-so-fast-growing hair. So if you see her on the street, please
comment on the new ‘do. And Cora carried around her
baggie-o-hair, showing it off to everyone. All adults were
appropriately excited over the shorn locks, but it was
Maddie’s response that was the funniest.

Maddie peered suspiciously at the golden locks in the baggie and
said, “Why’d you cut it? Now it’s going to die!
Mommy, when’s it going to wither and turn brown?”

Ok, maybe they’ve watched Tangled one too many


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