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Spring Break

Yes, down here in the hot South,
it’s spring break already! And we are going to sunny –

Um, here.

We are having yet another family Staycation, which I have
successfully hyped and spun until it could easily run for public
office. My kids now thing Staycations are just as cool as traveling
vacations, mostly because we 1) eat Fruit Loops (well,
fruit-juice-flavored Cheerios. I have my limits.) and because we 2)
watch movies. Or at least one movie.

I’ve drawn up a big poster of our Staycation day-by-day.
Maddie wrote in the name of each day, and Cora stuck the Velcro
pieces on each day. What is the Velcro for, you ask? Why,
it’s for the big star we drew, colored, cut out, and
laminated. Each day one of the girls is the Calendar Girl, and
moves the Staycation Star to the next day.

You gotta make your own fun, people.

So each day on the poster has at least one
fun thing written on it, like “Go to the Rocketship park with
Sam and Nate” or “ice cream drill!” I believe the
one they are most looking forward to is “Go see a movie IN
THE MOVIE THEATRE”. Ever since Christmas break when they saw
their first big-screen movie, they’ve been jonesing for
another one.

I’ve tried hard not to over-program the days, leaving plenty
of time for hanging out and dressing up or doing art projects. But
I do want them to feel the next several days are special, something
extra exciting to look forward to.

Must run – in order to have an even number of days on the
poster, Staycation officially starts today after school, and
it’s Cora’s day to be Star Girl.


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