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Fine Dining Is A Relative Term

Earlier this week I was taken out for a
working dinner to an incredibly nice restaurant – we’re
talking forty-dollar steaks, and the potato costs extra. I
didn’t know when I went it was going to be so great, and I
carefully kept half my meal to bring home and share another day.

Being the incredibly kind and selfless daughter that I am, I let my
mom have my leftovers last night, and watching her face melt as she
took her first bite was almost worth it. While we ate, I described
the place to her, finishing by saying, “It was a really
excellent restaurant, and I’d highly recommend it for some
special occasion.”

Cora tuned into the conversation and spoke up. “Hey, Gamma, I
know another really fine restaurant if you ever want to go
someplace really special!”

Mom looked at her while I mentally scrolled through all the places
we’d been recently. Nothing that might require closed-toed
shoes came to mind.

“Listen, Gamma,” Cora
continued, “It’s called In And Out, and their burgers
are really excellent. Very nicely done. And!” she got even
more excited, “If you go inside, they give you STICKERS when
you place your order! It’s a REALLY nice restaurant.”
And she turned back to her dinner.

Ok, so first off, In-N-Out Burgers rocks. Brian and I loved them
when we lived in LA and having one open a few miles from our house
a couple weeks ago was a dream come true. Their burgers are quite
nice, especially for fast food, and I have been trying to train
Maddie and Cora’s palates to recognize the difference between
a McDonald’s burger and something made with, well, real
ingredients, so I’m glad Cora could taste the difference.
We’ve been twice since it opened: once in the drive-through,
and once parking and running in during a thunderstorm. Maddie had
been sick, and when I asked her if anything sounded good to her for
lunch she turned to me wanly and said, “Maybe

Who was I to argue with my sick baby?

So I have to agree, In-N-Out is a great place to eat. And since
it’s about one twentieth the cost of the restaurant I’d
been to this week, I wasn’t about to argue with Cora.

Wait until I let her taste In-N-Out’s milkshakes.


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