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No, This Is Definitely The Best Smoothie

As I’ve written recently, I’m
in full smoothie swing this summer and have been pulverizing fruit
left and right. Recently, though, a mid-afternoon crabby episode
drove me to experiment with, um, other ingredients, and I’ve
hit on the absolute best smoothie ever.

If you like chocolate, of course.

One caveat here – I use a half can (about six to eight
ounces) of coconut milk – the thick stuff that’s full
of fat but oh-so-good. So you should like the taste of coconut
before you make this. I personally love the ice cream made with
coconut milk, so this is, to me, like a chocolate milkshake. Of
course, if you’re not dairy-allergic like I am, you can use
cow’s milk instead, but make sure it’s got some fat in
there for some delicious oomph.

Here ‘tis –

Half a can (6-8 ounces) unsweetened
coconut milk; or 6-8 ounces whole milk or half and half

1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder

A squeeze of honey or agave nectar – about a
tablespoon’s worth

Four ice cubes. I freeze almond milk in ice cube trays and use four
cubes of frozen almond milk for some extra protein and vitamins,
but you can use frozen cow’s milk or plain ice

Pulverize the whole thing and drink it down. It’s that good.
And if you need a caffeine lift, turn it into a mocha frappucino by
freezing your leftover coffee in an ice-cube tray and adding about
four coffee cubes to the whole thing. I’m telling you,
it’s amazing.

I make one a few times a week, if I get a lot done while the girls
are in quiet time. It’s my reward for chores well done, and
let me tell you, afternoons never looked so good.


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