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No-Labor Day

Cora, Maddie and I have all been suffering
from the season’s first cold, and as it lingered over the
weekend I found us doing just enough to stay a bit exhausted and
craving some true down time. So on Sunday night, I declared that
Monday would be a No-Labor Day: we would make it an official Pajama
Day Staycation. Pajamas all day long, with plenty of lounging
around. The girls were, um, enthusiastic.

Monday morning the girls awoke to find the living room had been
rearranged; the coffee table was moved and several blankets piled
on one another to make a picnic-blanket-like spot right in front of
our couch, with lots of big pillows lined up to lean against during
television-watching. I’d also posted the following

Pajama Day Staycation To-Do List:


Watch A Movie

Read Books in the Tent

Make Cookie Dough

Do a Puzzle

Perform “The Nutcracker”

Make Ice Cream

Watch Another Movie

Play A Game

Snuggle Some More

And you know what? We did every dang thing on that list.

The morning was blessedly cool, and the girls ran outside to play
in the back yard – in their pajamas, natch. I loved to see
them swinging like monkeys in their clogs and nightgowns, screaming
with delight at the crisp morning air. Then we snuggled in the tent
we’d jerry-rigged in the library and read books for almost an
hour as they warmed back up.

We watched movies. We made (and ate) cookie dough. The girls
performed the ENTIRE “Nutcracker” ballet, complete with
costume changes. We made ice cream, and played Frisbee in the back
yard, and snuggled, and played with chalk. A dinner of steak and
baked potatoes and fresh peaches was finished off with our barely
frozen ice cream as we snuggled and watched “Winnie the
Pooh” together.

In short, it was a pretty near perfect day.

I managed to keep the girls slow and still enough to turn that
final corner on their colds, I think, while not going stir crazy
with boredom. We had a great family day and accomplished absolutely
nothing practical.

In short, our No-Labor Day was awesome.

When can we do it again?


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