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Is It Christmas Yet?

Yep, I get that question every day –
and every day it seems my answer’s not good enough. And I
have to admit, they have a point.

We’ve been working our hineys off here, making gifts and
getting them boxed up and sent out to friends and family. Tuesday
Cora and I spent most of the morning putting all the baked goods
we’ve been working on into tubs to be shipped off across the
globe. We were a veritable machine of Dessert Boxes, me cutting the
brownie pans up and Cora doing all the plating. And to her credit,
she never once licked her fingers. Moving from treat to treat to
treat, making sure each tub had an equal sampling of all the
goodies we’d made, Cora worked fast and efficiently and was
rightfully proud when we were finished and saw all the stuffed
plastic tubs lined up.

Yesterday I got ten – TEN! – boxes mailed off to
friends and family, full of gifts and goodies. Shopping is mostly
done, homemade gifts for friends are just about finished, the house
is decorated – so what’s the hold-up?

I know we’ve been working feverishly and I know the days will
rush past between now and December 25, but honestly I’m glad
we’ve gotten so much accomplished; that just means
we’ve got all of next week to do fun holiday stuff, like see
Santa and ice skate and hit the half-price bookstore and order the
Christmas ham and wrap presents and –

Wait, I think we need a little more time.


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