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Mommy's Little Crooner

Cora absolutely loves to sing – and
not necessarily for an audience; she’s like me in that
she’ll walk around happily humming to herself while she plays
dolls or tries to dress up the cat. Music simply makes her happy.

Many nights when she’s wide awake at bedtime, Cora will sing
herself to sleep, and Brian and I will listen in on the baby
monitor (or should I say ‘preschooler monitor’) as Cora
runs through all Twelve Days of Christmas, or sings every verse of
The Farmer in the Dell. She happily belts it out in the dark as a
way to entertain herself while she passes the time trying to fall
asleep. I love these nights.

Occasionally Cora will still have trouble
falling asleep and she’ll call out for me to come in for
another snuggle. About a week ago I came in to snuggle after
listening to a few verses of “His Banner Over Me Is
Love”, and as I curled up around her I whispered, “You
know, baby, I could hear you singing on the monitor and I have to
tell you, I just love to listen to you sing. When my Cora sings, my
heart feels glad.” Cora wiggled happily against me, and after
a few minutes of silent snuggling I went back downstairs.

Not two minutes later, I heard a rustle and a loud thump which
usually indicates something has fallen on the bedroom monitor
itself. Then I heard more rustling, and then in an exceedingly loud
voice I heard, “Jesus is the rock of my salvation, His banner
over me is love!” Cora had picked up her monitor and was
using it as a microphone, serenading us with every verse, then
segueing neatly into a couple more songs. She ended with
“Jesus Loves Me”, then I heard another rustle and a
final thump.

I couldn’t resist.

I tiptoed back upstairs, sneaked quietly into Cora’s room,
then walked over to her bed. I could see her bright eyes shining in
the darkness and I leaned over and nuzzled her nose. “You
know, you didn’t have to do a whole concert just for
me,” I teased gently. Cora laughed silently, her eyes
sparkling happily. Then she stroked my face and said, “Yes I
did, because it makes you happy!”

Who can resist this child?


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