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A Good Day's Night

Our city offers a really great program – free outdoor concerts every Monday during June - and most years we find at least once band we’re interested in seeing. This past Monday, we hit the city park to listen to a Beatles’ tribute band.

And boy, did we have a good time.

This year was the first year I really sat back and relaxed the whole time. The girls are finally old enough to understand they’re not supposed to wander onto other peoples’ blankets, or eat a snow cone that’s dropped on the grass. They’ve both been raised on a decent diet of Beatles music and were highly enthusiastic about going.

Maddie’s friend Elise tagged along, and as soon as the concert began the two older girls headed down to the front of the grass to dance. The spent probably eighty percent of their time down there, dancing with an abandon that they will, alas, soon trade for self-consciousness. I did see glimpses of the future, though, as the two of them would pause regularly to hang on the metal barrier fence right in front of the band and stare longingly at Paul, George, John, and Ringo.

We were all the way in the back at the top of the hill, but I could see the girls easily and the band was excellent, so we had a fantastic time from where we were. Cora mostly hung out with us, and I could see that she’s just starting to realize that Maddie’s friends are MADDIE’S friends, not her own, and I felt Cora’s longing for her own posse rolling off her a few times.

For the most part, though, Cora curled up in a lap or danced next to us, occasionally shouting out “Sing ‘Twist and Shout’!” Or “Play ‘Eleanor Rigby’!” or even just “Woo hoo!” at the end of a song.

When the event was over, the sky was nearly full dark and it was past bedtimes. Maddie came perilously close to a meltdown, but she’s apparently grown up enough that it didn’t materialize. We drifted with the crowd towards our car and went home, hot and sleepy and content.

The girls are growing, and life is good.


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