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Labor(less) Day Weekend

We had our first three-day weekend as a school family, and boy did we appreciate it.

Saturday was one of the most glorious Saturdays EVER. Brian got up with the girls and when I stumbled out of my room at nearly 9 a.m., he was lying on Cora’s bed doing the voices while the girls played Dollhouse. “Wah, wah,” my husband would say with his eyes closed, and the girls would rush to pick up the doll babies and take care of them. “How long have you been at this?” I asked. He peeled one eye open. “Hard to say,” he mumbled, and drifted back off.

I sent my man back to bed and found out the girls had been playing happily for over an hour, and had not yet had breakfast. And thus it went for much of our weekend.

We spent most of Saturday building towers and playing board games and reading books and, yes, playing Dollhouse. A lot. Maddie and I hit the library part of the afternoon, and I enjoyed the new sensation of being there with a child who could be trusted not to run off by herself, and who was perfectly content to park herself on a library couch and read. TO HERSELF. We sat side-by-side and read for half an hour.


A lazy evening eating burgers at our pool with friends rounded out the day, and as we went to bed both girls said, “This has been a great day.” And Cora added, “And we have SQUEEZED IT DRY!”

Sunday was after-church lunch with friends, and Monday was spent hosting neighbors in the house with the girls’ newly-opened Treatment Center; you could choose from muscle treatment (massage), food treatment (snack), or show treatment (yes, a show). The neighbors were quite tickled and stayed for two hours, much to the delight of my spotlight-hugging children. We wrapped up the day with a family movie night and leftovers.

No big running around, no fanciness. Just pure heaven with my big school girls.


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