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Smells Like Team Spirit

Last Friday we took the girls to their first live football game: our local high school was having their homecoming and playing, of all the luck, mine and Brian’s old alma mater. So how could we pass that up?

Football, in Texas, is just SLIGHTLY less important than religion to most people, and to the rest of the people, it IS their religion. Football is not taken lightly here, and our high school just spent 63 MILLION dollars on a new stadium. Don’t get me started.

But school spirit was high that night, and the girls couldn’t have been more excited if they were going to a Dallas Cowboys’ game. They wore school colors, and brought spirit towels and pom poms. They were ready.

They both had a fabulous time, but in separate ways: Maddie, already hovering on teenagerhood (or so it seemed to me), spent most of the game playing with her three girlfriends who’d come with us, doing silly cheers, laughing and waving to other friends in the stand, that sort of thing. I could definitely see how she’d be acting as a sophomore down the road.

Cora, on the other hand, sat next to her daddy and watched. The. Whole. Game. She loved it, and screamed at the right times and booed when necessary. Politely, I say.

She had such a fantastic time that when a friend of ours offered us her two season tickets (a commodity more precious than drilling rights in these parts) for tonight, we jumped at the chance and didn’t hesitate to turn them into a Cora and Daddy night. When we told Cora last night of the plans, she squealed, jumped on Brian, showered his face with kisses, and then buried her face in his chest with joy.

Cora went to school with her spirit shirt proudly on, and can’t wait to get to the stadium tonight.

Game on, I say!


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