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DeeJay Li'l C

Cora has a love of music, which is hardly a surprise in this family. Her two big requests for Christmas were a big giant cheetah (don’t ask, and yes, she got it) and an iPod touch.

Yes, she got it. Don’t judge.

We found an 8gb refurbished one for a pretty great deal, so Santa came through. But what I didn’t realize was that since it was “official” and from the store, it also came with the charger and the white ear buds.

The ear buds would not be a big deal, but I’m Over-Protective Mommy and I really really don’t want those tender ears to have music shoved WAAAAAAAAAAAY down in there. We put a volume control lock on the girls’ iPods, but I just started letting Maddie use ear buds this year, and then with the music on QUIET. Otherwise, she and Cora have been using the more traditional foam earphones that sit a little further out. And these particular headphones are for kids, so there’s a limit as to how many decibels it can reach anyway.

But Maddie’s been using the ear buds sometimes because she thinks it makes her look Very Grown Up. So of course, Cora has seen Sissy looking Very Grown Up and now wants to look the same.

Reluctantly, I let her try the ear buds.

Thankfully, they absolutely do not fit and simply fall out of her ears.

I could see, though, how crushed Cora was to be wearing the “baby” headphones, so I took her shopping. We found some big, puffy, over-ear ones that are SO retro but apparently SO popular right now. In a very edgy black print trimmed with pink, they have “Cora” written all over them. They are also kid-sized, so we are set.

I’m happy at the distance the sound now comes out from her ear, but I have to confess the headphones bring me an even greater delight: my child now walks around like a 5-year-old Mix Master. When she’s sporting those headphones, walking around singing a song only she can hear and bustin’ a groove at the same time, I can’t decide if she is just too dang cute or terrifyingly hip.

Maybe a little bit of both.

Add to this the fact that she is working hard on learning how to beat box (courtesy of Electric Company), and you’ve got a very disconcerting image in front of you: a five-year-old cherubic-looking girl in massive old-school (gold-trimmed) headphones, spontaneously breaking into beat boxing, who answers to the names Li’l C and C Note.

Heaven help us.


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