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Eavesdropping On A Good Day

Yesterday was a gorgeous day outside and the girls had a rare day of sibling amity for the entire day; we played outside after school then came home and continued in the back yard, pausing only briefly for dinner, until bedtime. Part of the time I simply lay on the grass and watched them laughing and giggling together, marveling that sometimes I get it right – at least, right enough to be able to give them this small measure of happiness in each other.

Anyway, their joy was overflowing and the funny things kept pouring out of their mouths. At one point, Maddie was demonstrating how she’s working on her front flip: she laid out several floor pillows in a row (yes, we take them outside sometimes, and really, the word “no” just didn’t fit in yesterday’s vocabulary), ran at the pillows, flipped in mid-air, and landed on her head – yes, head – and continued smoothly into a forward roll.

I watched her do this and said, “Honey, I am really glad you chose to use the pillows; practicing this on the hard ground would not be good.”

“Well,” I continued, trying delicately to move her away from possible paralysis by landing on her neck, “it would also be really bad if you landed on the hard ground on your neck.”'

Maddie stopped and stared at me. “But Mom, I’m not trying to land on my neck. That is not part of my technique. That is not a technique I’m attempting to employ.”

I’m guessing the word “technique” came up in school yesterday?

Then there was a moment when both girls were working on a difficult stunt – trying to launch from the swingset’s swinging trapeze to standing up on the swing and flying sideways, a move they called “swing surfing”. Both girls were laughingly trying to get Cora up on the trapeze and barely able to move through their giggles. Maddie kept valiantly pushing on Cora’s hiney, and finally said, “Cora, you’re just too short!”

Cora snorted with laughter, then said good-naturedly, “Hey, cut me some slack. I’m only five years old.”

Yeah, it was one of those awesome days.


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