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Spring Break. Break.

So the first part of spring break was awesome.

Then Cora got the flu.

Yes, it's true. Yes, she had the flu shot. Yes, she had the flu in January. Apparently it just LOVES her.

Tuesday night Cora woke up with a raging fever and our Staycation poster plans were blown out of the water. Maddie, for her part, was pretty good about having to cancel everything - out the window went the horseback riding, the shoe shopping, the movie-watching in a REAL MOVIE THEATRE. My neglected oldest spent several days playing around the house by herself - thank you, Barbie! - while I was stuck like glue to Cora, who wouldn't let me leave her for more than a few moments.

Then, to make things even better, my back went out Friday - apparently several sleepless nights combined with sleeping next to a fretful five-year-old don't make for a happy spine - and I hobbled around for the rest of the weekend. The whole family - minus me and Cora - went out to our rental cabin Friday morning while Cora cried bitterly at being left behind. She seemed to rally well so we drove on out Saturday morning and had most of the weekend in the cabin blissfully fishing and feeding baby animals on the farm.

While Mommy hobbled all around, cursing her painful back.

Not the way I'd envisioned spring break, to be sure.


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