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For Those Bad-Mommy Days

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve read a few really inspiring blogs by other moms and I finally just need to share them with you guys. Seriously good stuff.

First, The Problem With Being Supermom and How To Fix It at Inspired Action. Her opening sentence struck a deep chord with me:

“I’ve finally realized why it is I try to be Supermom. It’s because I can’t decide what is most important so I just try to do it all…which is impossible and leaves me feeling defeated. Rinse. Repeat.

The root of my desire to do everything is actually indecisiveness. “

Ouch, right? Yes, that’s definitely me – not able to always sort out what’s important, so trying to do it all, so failing. A LOT.

But then I read What 100 Lifeguards Taught Me About My Calling at Chatting at the Sky, and she reminded me that I don’t HAVE to do everything. I don’t HAVE to be everything to everyone. I don’t have to police the whole pool: my job is to keep my eyes on the small corner of the pool that God’s given me, and trust that He’s got other people covering the other areas. That are not. My. Job.

At Keeper of the Home today I was knocked over the head by 10 Truths You Need to Hear When You Feel Like A Failure As A Mom. I think I’m going to need to print them off and have handy for one of “those” days.

And finally, I read Eshet Chayil, or Women of Valor! At Momastery, and learned that in Proverbs 31 – that oh-so-hard little chapter about a woman who makes her family’s clothes and scrubs the house top to bottom and sells real estate and puts a home-cooked meal on the table and never lets her kids eat high-fructose-corn-syrup (you get the picture) the woman isn’t actually called a “woman of virtue”: a better translation is “woman of valor”. And that traditional Jewish cultures look on that chapter not as an impossible standard to be lived up to (or measured against and found wanting), but as a blessing a husband should say to his wife – a sort of “thank you for how well you take care of all our lives.”

And as for “Eshet Chayil”? Today, that phrase would roughly sound something like “You go, girl!”

So keep your eyes on your corner of the pool, remember you don’t have to be Supermom, and you ARE a Woman of Valor! The next time your girlfriend rocks a PTA project or helps her kid through a tough moment out in public, pump your fist in the air and yell “Woman of Valor!” at her. And remember, it takes a lot of courage to be a mom, to stick with it day in and day out.

So I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes about courage, from Mary Anne Radmacher:

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”

Let’s cut ourselves some slack, O Women of Valor.


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