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I'm A Blending Fool

In an extravagant fit of sheer awesomeness, my mother just gave me a Vita-Mix blender as an early Mother’s Day gift. I’ve been eyeing one for a couple of years and we really thought this was the year, but a few household repairs came up and . . . you know how it goes.

But I suddenly find myself with this Lamborghini of blenders at my disposal, and there is no stopping me now.

My first day with Frieda (my highly efficient new friend, on constant call, ready to whip up any drink I might want with Teutonic efficiency) I used it Five. Times. Yes, five. For one round with the girls, I peeled four clementines and threw them in there –seeds and pith and all – with a peeled banana and some yogurt and some vanilla extract. Sheer heaven. Frieda (my new best friend) will take any fruit and pulverize it to a smooth, un-pulp-y liquid. I have high hopes that she will help me get more whole fruits and veggies down Cora’s throat – Cora is my Texture Nazi.

So far I’m sticking with classics – mango, strawberries (we’ve got a few of those around), bananas, oranges, that sort of thing – with a bit of plain yogurt. I’ve learned that if I put in frozen fruit it makes a drink the consistency of a milkshake.

A milkshake.

I’ve frozen almond milk and thrown it in there with a dash of unsweetened cocoa powder to give me a sugarless chocolate shake. Mmm. I’ve also made ice cubes out of my homemade chai, and plan to make a frozen chai drink as well.

Who needs Starbucks, really?

And soon I’ll start sneaking in the extras – some carrot, a bit of avocado, and so on. I’ve been told you can throw in the whole apple, and that if you add some spinach leaves to anything you can’t taste it.

The world is my smoothie bar, people.

I may be just a teeny bit out of control.

And guess what? I read in their recipes that to make a really good margarita, all you need is a whole lemon, whole lime, some ice and booze and you’re all set.

Did I mention I have a Meyer lemon tree in my yard?


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