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Getting Up With The Baby

3:30 a.m. last night, there was a knock on our bedroom door. “Come in,” Brian groggily said.

Cora came tiptoeing through the door. “Mommy, I . . .” but I was already out of bed and stumbling towards the door before she even finished her sentence, knowing from the past four nights what was going on.

We’ve got a new baby in the house, and no one’s sleeping.

Cora adopted a four-month-old kitten the day after school got out; it was her promised sixth birthday gift, and we’d made her wait until school was over so she’d be home to bond with it. And as fun as that kitten is, around 3:30 a.m. we all wish (just a teensy bit) that Kitten was back at the animal shelter.

Kitten seems to pick the same hour every night to A) wake up; B) wonder why her Girl isn’t awake; and C) set about trying to change B). Kitten walks all over Cora, then proceeds to chew on her toes. Poor Cora’s been patient, but she’s gotten to the point where she can’t sleep with her feet under a sheet because Kitten will immediately attack.

So every night Cora’s come into our room looking for help, and every night I blearily stumble into Cora’s room and snuggle with her on the bed while we train Kitten. We snuggle her, scratch her, pet her, and love her through her “early morning crazies”. I put my feet under the covers, then gently and lovingly tell her “no” every time she pounces. After half an hour or so, she winds down and snuggles next to her girl to go back to sleep, and I stumble back to my room for a few more hours.

Last night, though, Kitten must have not gone fully back to sleep, because around 5:30 a.m. Cora came back into my room almost in tears. “Mommy, I just want to sleep, and she keeps waking me up! She wants to talk to me and crawl on me and won’t just LET ME SLEEP!”

I tossed back the covers and gestured for Cora to climb in bed with us.

“Isn’t it frustrating when someone comes into your room and wakes you up and crawls on you and won’t let you sleep?” I asked. Cora, crawling over my legs to get to her favorite spot on the bed, nodded wearily and sank back into slumber.

I don’t think she got the irony in that.


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