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I Love My Job

Last night was the end of a long few days for Cora, and after a two-mile bike ride for the second night in a row she hit a figurative wall and melted down. Exhausted and unhappy, Cora lay sobbing in her bed for almost an hour, screaming at everyone.

I came in to bring her ice water and was gradually allowed to stay. I snuggled her. I rubbed her feet. I told Cora silly stories, and tickled her, and let her cry and tell me everything that was wrong without trying to fix it. We teased the cat together and burrowed under the covers, and when Cora felt like screaming I started meowing as loud as I could until Cora burst out laughing.

Cora finally calmed down and began her bedtime routine. I left for a few minutes to check on Maddie, and when I came back Cora was happily snuggled with Daddy. “Cora, would you like Daddy to read to you tonight?” I offered. She shook her head, and I climbed into bed with her.

Cora rolled to face me and snuggled up so I was centimeters away from her face. She looked into my eyes and said, “Guess who turned my day from sad to happy?” Then she pointed at my nose, smiled, and said, “Mommy!”

Best. Job. Ever.


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