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Fast And Filling Breakfasts: The Egg Pancake

We’ve been talking over the past week about the breakfast dilemma: namely, how to get a hot, filling meal on the table without getting up at the crack of dawn on a school day. Last week I gave you the recipe for homemade (and fast, once they’re pre-made!) egg mcmuffins, and today I give you another egg-based recipe – the egg pancake.

This is high on protein and super-low on difficulty. It’s not a crepe-like pancake, but a thick, hearty one. This recipe makes one egg pancake, which the girls will split most mornings along with a glass of juice and perhaps a slice of banana bread; if they’re super-hungry the girls might eat a whole one for lunch, for example.

My grandmother gave this recipe to my mom, who passed it on to me, so forgive the fact that there are no exact measurements here. And there are only three ingredients: egg, cottage cheese, and flour.
Start with an omelet pan with a bit of butter (oil, whatever) in the bottom of it. Turn the heat on medium and let it start to melt and heat up. Meanwhile, crack an egg into a small bowl. Get out one of those big metal cooking spoons – you know the kind. Measure out a heaping spoonful (not towering, but definitely mounded) of flour into the egg. Then measure the same amount of cottage cheese and mix the three together.

Throw it all in the pan and spread it out to fill the pan. There will still be cottage cheese lumps in it and that’s ok! Once you’ve gotten your vaguely round shape, let it cook for a minute or two. You’ll know it’s time to flip it over when the edges have just started to set and the pancake begins to come up easily from the pan (unless you didn’t grease well, then you’ll be scraping it off the pan!) Flip the thing over, cook another minute or two, and you’re done.

Sounds a bit crazy, but it’s darn good. No sugar, high protein, lots of yum factor. I was feeding this to my kids when they were babies – a quick, easy finger food.

Now a word on the ingredients – buy good eggs, ‘k? It really makes a difference. Preferably from a local farmer, if you can. For the cottage cheese, we use the 4% fat small-curd. I beg you not to get the fat-free stuff. And for flour, I suppose if you can’t have wheat or gluten you can substitute whatever kind of flour you like – play around with it and see what happens!

Cheap, easy, good for you.

And fast. Did I mention fast?


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