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Gotta Belong To The Club

Yesterday Maddie told me that she can’t wait until the weekend. Amused, I asked her, “What are you looking forward to doing over the weekend?”

Maddie sighed a deep sigh. “Oh, just resting, and hanging out in the clubhouse. I really need some down time.”

Yep, we’ve got our own clubhouse here. Also known as Gramma’s room.
My mom has a very sweet window seat in her room: a nice, wide window, with a large bench built-in, deep enough for two people to sit facing each other and wide enough for them to stretch out their legs. A few months ago the girls discovered this niche and how it turns into a fantastic sun-bathing spot in the afternoon, and promptly claimed it for themselves.

Being a kind, sharing person (unlike me), my mom let the girls appropriate the spot, even going so far as to put up a pressurized curtain rod and hang a sheet over it to provide the girls with some semblance of privacy. She’s attached removable hooks to the side walls so the girls can hang up bags of crayons or whatnot, I have to say, when I check out the clubhouse and see a kitty cat stretched out in the warm, luxurious sun, it’s a pretty darn tempting spot.

Over Christmas break, the clubhouse was a regular favorite, and one day the girls went so far as to spend a good six hours in there playing school, reading together, and sitting companionably in silence for long stretches broken up only by lunch and snack breaks.

Our house seems to be filled with nooks to which people can retreat: Cora’s secret spot in her closet, a cozy couch set by the library window which is flooded with light most of the day, the “clubhouse” – our house seems to abound with places for introverts to go and get recharged while not seeming to completely disengage from family life. I know from experience that a bit of time in a quiet spot with a good book and a bowl of apple slices can go far to salvage a bad day.

Come to think of it, maybe I’ll beg for a bit of time in the clubhouse myself this weekend.


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