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Snow Day. Again.

It feels ridiculous to type “March 4” followed by the words “Snow Day” in the middle of Texas.

Yet here we are.

A small ice storm descended Sunday afternoon making the roads undriveable. And yes, you can laugh at Texas drivers all you want, but I spent twelve years in New York and the drive home for me Sunday afternoon, which should have taken half an hour, took two hours. Mostly because it was a highway full of drivers going ten miles an hour, trying to navigate a solid sheet of ice. Every so often I’d slide gently into the lane next to me, trying not to hit my brakes or cause a car near me to freak out. I passed a few cars that had clearly spun out, and one not-great accident. I arrived home safely, but it was luck as much as skill that got me there.

So when school canceled for Monday, I said a silent prayer of thanksgiving that we wouldn’t have six hundred families donut-ing in the school parking lot at drop-off time, and happily turned my alarm clock off.

We slept in – which meant 7:05 for my children. Apparently when there’s no school they just naturally wake up early, but when it’s a school day that 6:45 wake-up is just “TOO early!”

We made pancakes AND scrambled eggs. We watched Aladdin AND Joseph, King of Dreams. We played tag and chase and read many many books. We ate cookie dough, had a few resultant meltdowns, and in general had a nice, slow day. I sneaked some computer work in during the movies and don’t feel like the day was a complete derailing of my schedule.

By the afternoon all the ice had melted, so I headed out to teach as the girls went to burn off the extra sugar high at their usual ballet classes.

All in all? A lovely, slow day without feeling like too much got put off.

Now enough with the $#@% winter weather, already. It’s Texas, y’all.


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