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It's About the Priorities, Kid

We’re coming up on that yearly event when the household goes into a panic and people are frantically rushing around, sorting through songs, debating dance costumes, and arguing with friends over lyric distribution.

Yes, it’s time for the annual school talent show.

Each grade does its own show, so the show’s only an hour at a time instead of seven hours long. Each child is allowed to be in up to three numbers, and my girls firmly believe in exercising their constitutional right to be in the maximum number allowed by (school) law. So it’s getting a little crazy over here.

Cora had a friend over yesterday to sing through a song – from Frozen, natch – and confirm the choice. I set up the microphones (yes we own them, don’t judge) and then tried to leave the girls alone as they worked out who sings which part and all the other really important stuff.

Like, apparently, autograph signing.

As I was working in the kitchen I caught the words “autograph books ready” come out of my child’s mouth. I immediately began shamelessly eavesdropping, and heard Cora’s friend say, “No, Cora, I don’t want to make autograph books to give out to people. I don’t think people will want our autographs.”

“Well, you never know,” Cora insisted, “and we should be ready in case people ask for it!”

This back and forth went on a few more minutes, until Cora’s friend finally said, “Cora, I’m only in first grade! I can’t handle all this pressure!”

Finally, some perspective.

Unfortunately, not from my child, but baby steps.


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