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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, THE TRAIN HAS LEFT THE STATION!!!
Following is what is commonly known as Too Much Information.  You’ve been warned.

Madeleine was sitting contentedly in her reclining swing today (also dubbed “the pooping swing” for its magical way of encouraging said act; I think it’s the semi-reclining position) when I noticed a rich but unmistakable fragrance wafting up to me.  I turn around and look, and there she is, smiling and cooing.  But the fragrance is still there.  Could it be??
Yes, it could.  Something came, and something good. (My apologies to Bernstein.)  It’s still what Brian and I affectionately call “pyramid poop” for its shape and brick-like texture, and definitely not the soft movement we were hoping for; she’s been doing teeny tiny pyramid poos for the past two weeks, which we haven’t counted as progress since they were 1) about ½ inch total, and 2) produced only after great straining, a red face, and prolonged crying during and after.
But today’s was different in size (significant) and the fact that she had no straining.  So we’re going to count our blessings, cross our fingers and not look back.  I’m hoping this is the end of it (no pun intended), that she won’t have a tendency towards constipation her whole babyhood, but we’ll find out soon: our pediatrician has had Madeleine on a fruit-only diet for the past few days to try to help this to, er, pass.  So I’ll be adding veggies back in soon, then cereal, and we’ll see if that puts the brakes on the train again.  She still fights water in a bottle, but has started swallowing maybe a ½ ounce after each solids feeding if it’s in a sippy cup – I think it looks more like grown-up food to her.
Anyway, ring the bells, the train’s back on the tracks.

Hey, it’s the little victories.


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