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We've got a guest appearance today from my girlfriend Abby.  Since she's part of my Mommy Focus Group and, let's face it, I quote her all the time in this thing, I think it's only appropriate that from time to time you hear from her directly.  Her two children are three years and three months.

Click on this entry and enjoy!



When Isaiah was 18 months, a friend of mine-- a mother of three-- mentioned that is was easier for her to have other kids over for play dates than it was to just have her own.  I found the notion unfathomable:  any time I watched another child, I had to be on top of them, negotiating toy sharing and keeping pushing, hitting and screaming to a minimum.  After the allotted time of constant vigilance, I was usually more than ready for the play date to end.  In fact, I would be ready for my husband to come home, take Isaiah and let me sit alone in my room for a few minutes.  (Did I mention that I am an introvert?)  

Today, I am the mother of a 3 year old and a 3 month old.  Our next-door neighbor, Anna Belle (2 1/2) is over for a playdate.  Isaiah and Anna Belle are making dinner together in our toy kitchen, Joshua is sleeping in his crib, and I am writing this blog.  I discovered the new delight of play dates by accident when I was pregnant with Joshua.  From that point, on particularly difficult days, I would call my neighbor and offer (I would have begged if I had to . . . ) to have Anna Belle come over to play.  I thought of her as my secret weapon.  I am still in the business of negotiating during play dates, and I write this where I can see or at least hear them playing.   But having her here is a break more than extra work.  For a few moments the sometimes charming, sometimes wearying, endless stream of 3-year-old questions has stopped.  ("Mom, where does poop grow?" was the question of the day.)   I savor this new stage as much as I enjoy overhearing their playful chatter.  Recently I caught Isaiah nursing Curious George at his belly button while Anna Belle read them a book.   They were huddled together with twenty books in an empty laundry basket and they looked like an old married couple.
I just heard a thump in the other room and Anna Belle is crying.  I hear Isaiah saying, "Sorry, Anna Belle, it was an accident."   At least this time I won't be a negotiator as much as a quick comforter.


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