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Temptation, Thy Name Is Cheerios!

 Easter weekend is coming up, and all across the country moms and dads are
busy buying items for Easter baskets. When I was growing up we had candy.
Period. End of sentence. These days it’s a mini-Christmas, with video
games and jewelry and books being bundled into baskets and surrounded by
plastic grass. And the chocolate! Some of the pre-bundled baskets I’ve
seen on sale are easily four feet high. There’s enough sugar in one of
those things to put an entire first-grade class into a sugar coma.

I love chocolate as much as the next girl – I think that’s clear from my
blogs. And there are many things in life I look forward to sharing with
Madeleine; I love being there to see her joy at experiencing something
great for the very first time.

But we’re not doing a candy basket
for her this year. She’s ten months old! Setting aside that chocolate is
a high-allergen food the first year of life, we’re trying to avoid giving
her added sugar for her first couple years; no point in developing her
taste palate with the sugar level set at 90 instead of 10.

know, I’m a big talker and Paranoid New Mommy. Check in with me in 5
years as I feed my 8-month-old sugar smacks for breakfast to buy a little

For right now, though, we’re holding the line at giving her healthy foods
while we chomp on our Big Macs. So even though her grandmother has put
together Maddie’s first Easter basket, the plastic eggs will be filled
with Cheerios, not jelly beans. There’s no junk food that can persuade me
to break our candy rule.

Though I have to confess, I almost broke
it today. I dropped into my favorite chocolatier’s place, Jacques Torres’ Chocolate
in the Village. I needed to shop for the adult Easter
baskets (double standard – Bad Mommy!) and was wandering blissfully
through the displays and thanking the Lord for cocoa beans when something
caught my eye. I did a double take, convinced I was not seeing correctly.

there they were.


Mr. Chocolate had somehow come up with the one
corner of the market not yet tapped; infant Chocoholics. Each Cheerio is
individually enrobed in the highest-quality chocolate; I can’t be sure but
it looks to be about 55% cocoa, not too sweet but not too dark. And I have
to admit, I was tempted.

For more than a minute.

what could be better? If she’s going to have chocolate, it may as well be
the best quality, and combined with her favorite food. Honestly, the only
thing better than a chocolate-covered Cheerio would be a chocolate-covered
mango-flavored Cheerio.

But I restrained myself; the Cheerios
stayed at the store and I stayed true to my values.

You can bet,
though, that when she first meets chocolate it’ll be thanks to Jacques.


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