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Trust Me, Mommy Needs This

A few weeks from now when all the dust settles, I’ve got a great blog for you to read. It’s all about Madeleine’s sleep habits (or the lack thereof) for the past few months, which have been very very bad. Being in the midst of it still, the sleep thing is neither funny nor understandable so I’m not ready to write about it yet.

Why tell you about it then? Because my hiney’s draggin’, ladies. I’m eyeing that can of Coke pretty lustfully, and I have yet to have a drink of caffeine since I was pregnant. I’m not so worried it’ll stunt her growth now that she’s here; I’m worried it’ll keep the little machine up even more! So I resolutely turn from the caffeine and move blearily forward.

With a steady stream of cookies.

I’m not so far gone into Sleep-Deprivation Land that I take it out on Madeleine, thank goodness. I know being a baby is tough and she’s a good kid and it’s not her fault.

Not taking it out on other people, though, I can’t promise.

I’m trying to go through my life as inconspicuously as possible, hoping and praying people won’t cut me off in traffic or take the last good bunch of bananas at the greenmarket, thus arousing the Wrath of the Tired Mommy.

mommy_t_shirt_001.jpgSo to warn people (I believe in giving victims a head start) I wore my “Mommy Needs A Time Out” t-shirt today. I ran across these amazingly cool tees on the Internet: made (of course) by a mommy who’s been there, the ringer t-shirts come in a variety of trendy colors and are chicly embellished with Swarovski crystals. I feel very hip in my top and get tons of people stopping me on the Manhattan streets to ask where I’ve gotten it.

So listen up: I got it at Time Out Spot, so stop asking. Heather makes Time Out Spots for use in daily discipline, and added the tees as a bonus. She’s got a “Daddy Needs A Time Out” line as well, but it’s every parent for him- or her-self as far as I’m concerned.

As if the shirt’s not cool enough on its own, I heard it got picked up by the wardrobe of “Desperate Housewives” for possible use on an upcoming episode. Wanna be the first mommy on your block to wear the same shirt as Lynette?

Feel free to forward this entry as an email to your husband. Daddies, this would make a very good Mother’s Day gift. Heather said that if you enter “mommy” in the coupon code area at checkout she’ll give you 10% off your total purchase.

How can you lose? Take advantage of a sale, get the Mother’s Day shopping out of the way, and provide yourself with an Early Warning Detection System all at the same time.

Because when Mommy’s got the t-shirt on, you’d best get out of the way.


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