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Girl Goes Shoe Shopping

Have I mentioned Maddie likes shoes?

My mom and I took Maddie for her first adventure in shoe shopping (no guys allowed, of course) and boy, is she a fast learner.

We’ve bought real shoes (as opposed to my beloved Robeez) before, but it was the “stand in Target and hold your kid’s foot to the bottom of a shoe to guess the size” method. This time, we went to a real children’s shoe store and had her foot measured and everything.

I’m glad I did, too; I was squeezing poor kiddo into a size 2 when she’s apparently now a size 4.

Sorry, baby girl.

We made a whole morning “thing” of it, driving into the city and parking a block away so Maddie could get a little walk in (have I mentioned she loves to walk?). We hit Tip Top Children’s Shoes  which I highly recommend if you’re a New Yorker, or if you know your child’s size and are looking for a big selection online. The salespeople really know their stuff and the selection is amazing.

And when I say amazing, that’s not a euphemism for cheap. They aren’t. Frankly, I didn’t know they even made toddler shoes for $125. Fortunately, most shoes are not that expensive.

We found an array of styles and brands for Maddie to try and sent the salesman back to dig up the boxes. While waiting, Maddie happily ran around the babyproofed store – electrical sockets covered, and everything! – and dug through their sale bin, coming up with an interesting sandal in green and blue stripes. I convinced her to pass on them.

When the shoes arrived for sampling, Maddie ran back excitedly. She’d sit on my lap quietly while the man gravely helped her tiny foot into the tiny shoe. Then she’d hop down and –I kid you not – run directly to the full-length mirror. She’d stare happily at her feet, occasionally lifting one foot for a closer view.

Then she’d run around the store to test them out.

This went on for quite a while, neither Maddie nor the salesman (God bless him) tiring of the procedure. We eventually narrowed it down to three pairs: two sandals (on clearance) to get us through the next month or so, and a pair of casual mary jane-types that can be dressed up or down.

Yeah, it’s pretty bad.

Maddie’s been wearing her new shoes for a week or so now, and still delights in them. When she first saw her daddy in her new mary janes, she ran up to him and pointed excitedly at her feet. And if anything, she’s faster now than she was before. More room to grip the ground and run, I guess.

So my daughter now owns a pair of Merrils, a pair of Eccos, and a pair of Umis.

She’s got better footwear than I do. Hmm, maybe she’ll let me borrow sometime . . .


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