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A New Secret Weapon

First off, I’m leaving last
week’s poll up for another week, and we’ll talk about
baby’s first words next Monday. I’m dealing with a sick
kid here and am too tired to think of anything else.

Yes, Maddie’s definitely got a cold, as evidenced by a
sleepless night for the whole family last night; Maddie would whine
fitfully for a couple minutes, fall silent for 10-15 minutes, and
then whine again. All night. Poor lambie was so stuffed up she
simply couldn’t get comfortable and get to sleep. Around 5
a.m. it turned to a more insistent cry, so we went in for a little
damage control and comforting.

While Maddie and I snuggled in the rocking chair having a bottle of
milk, Daddy put a bed pillow under the mattress at one end of
Maddie’s crib, so that when she lay back down her head would
be elevated. In the past, we’ve simply raised the mattress
setting one notch instead on one end, but didn’t have the
time or, frankly, the motor skills at 5 a.m. to do that. So when
she went back to bed – 11 books and a bottle of milk and an
hour later – she was able to fall asleep for a couple

In the morning Maddie was happy to be
vertical and allow the snot to flow freely. Unfortunately for us,
it meant we weren’t heading to the playground. Where’s
a mommy to go when her kiddo’s dying to get out of the house
and can’t accept the fact that she’s sick?

National Wholesale Liquidators.

For those of you that don’t have one, it’s a bit like a
Big Lots I suppose, or like an entire warehouse full of Wal-Mart
Super Clearance items.

For Maddie, it’s a huge place with aisles for running, big
bins for exploring, and nothing in the place costs over $10 or so,
which means Mommy’s not too worried about breakages. Maddie
was in hog heaven on the bath aisles, finding a fascinating tub of
plastic loofahs and enjoying touching all the shower curtain

We spent half an hour there, I bought some batteries, and everyone
went home happy. Unlike at a mall, where I’d be chasing her
to keep her from touching something breakable, trying to corral her
into a specific store, and wind up spending $40.

I wish that was the sum of our day: unfortunately, Mommy let the
Motrin wear off (bad Mommy!) and Maddie woke up from her nap with a
104 degree fever and a cranky song in her heart. Lots of cuddling
and singing and stroking and jello and Motrin later, she’s
feeling artificially better again and we’ve got the Motrin
schedule written in big numbers in the kitchen.

Hopefully this night will be better than the last, though I’m
not too optimistic. I foresee another couple days of banishment
from the playground before she’s better and germ-free, and
our precious days of good weather are waning fast.

Oh well – there’s always her favorite new store.


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