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Pillow Talk

Maddie’s had a couple of bad colds
this winter, and one of the worst side effects for her is the
stuffy head while she sleeps. A couple times she’s been so
congested she can’t sleep more than half an hour: after maybe
30 minutes of lying down, she’d wake up crying, needing to
get up and let the old sinuses drain for a bit. Lie back down,
sleep some more, wake up crying, and so forth.

In an attempt to help her (and us) sleep better, we elevated the
head of her crib by sticking a pillow underneath that end of her
mattress. This helped a bit, but wasn’t a perfect solution
since she had a tendency to slide towards the bottom of the crib
and seemed, in fact, a bit afraid of her off-kilter world.

After much Internet searching, I finally
found this href="http://clickserve.cc-dt.com/link/click?lid=41000000014155718">
crib wedge
and ordered it to have on hand for her next
cold. Thankfully, that has not yet come, but I did install the
wedge anyway to give a test run while she was healthy.

The verdict? This thing is great. It fits underneath your crib
sheet without compromising the fit (at least on my crib sheets, but
I have those href="http://clickserve.cc-dt.com/link/click?lid=41000000014155727">
crib zip sheets
that I love) and has a non-skid back to
keep it from slipping around on the mattress. It fits standard crib
mattresses, is softer than the mattress yet firm enough to keep
Paranoid New Mommies from worrying about suffocation, and is a
decent enough angle to allow sinus drainage while not being too
uncomfortable on tiny necks.

The pillow wedge has worked so well that we now leave it in all the
time. I figure it will help her get used to a real pillow when she
moves to a big-girl bed later this year. She seems to enjoy it, and
doesn’t make an effort to move off it during her sleep. And
hopefully we won’t have another cold this season, but if we
do I think the angle will help her sleep better at night.

Keep in mind as I recommend this that my daughter is 20 months old;
I would never have used this thing during her first several months.
But if you’ve got a toddler with a stuffy face, give it a try
– it may help all of you sleep a little better at night.


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