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The Next American Idol

(Warning: insanely cute video coming up.)

Ok, so perhaps she’s not the next American Idol
– after all, they’ve got an age minimum of 16, and
that’s years, not months.

And I promised myself that I’d never be a pushy stage mom, no
matter how incredibly and clearly talented my daughter might be.

But listen, I can’t fight it if it’s her destiny. My
child is barely 20 months old and walks around singing a half dozen
of her favorite songs. Upon waking in her crib after a nap,
she’ll entertain herself with endless rounds of “Row,
Row, Row Your Boat” or her new favorite, “Head and
Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. She’s got her favorite tape
of church songs we sing and will happily sing along with a few of
the simpler ones.

The all-time chart-topper for Maddie,
though, is that timeless classic, the Alphabet Song. She’s
finally grasped the (majority of the) letters and will sing it over
and over. Proving that she is, indeed, our daughter, with show
business coursing through her veins, she knows how to play to an
audience: she’ll sing the whole song, bask in the warm
applause, then bring back an encore starting with “Now I know
my ABC’s”. She likes to get to the applause part as
soon as possible, and will milk the ending for everything
she’s worth, drawing out the last line and making you wait
for the final “Me!”

Don’t believe me? Check out the video footage Brian finally
caught on tape of her a few weeks ago. I say finally, because my
daughter’s become notoriously difficult to film: as soon as
she sees a camera trained on her, she gets a gleam in her eye and
shouts “Maddie see Maddie!” She can’t wait for
the playback.

So without further ado, I give you – Madeleine’s
Internet singing debut. Click and enjoy, and don’t say you
didn’t hear it here first: this kid’s gonna be big.


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