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Mommy's Little Sugar Freak

Since Maddie and I are both feeling better
(not perfect, but close!), we spent as much of the glorious day
yesterday outside as possible. Park in the morning, backyard all
afternoon, dinner on the patio, and a walk after dinner.

Which brings us to the highlight of Maddie’s day – the
walk was to Baskin Robbins.

For those of you that don’t know,
Baskin Robbins runs a special all summer – every Tuesday
it’s buy one sundae, get one free. Brian and I often took
advantage of it last summer, buying their $2 mini-sundae and
enjoying a nice evening stroll for really cheap. Last year, though,
Maddie was only 12 months and didn’t really notice what Mommy
or Daddy were eating, or that it was different from what she was

This year, however, different story. We made a conscious decision
to not give Maddie processed sugar until she turns 2, and
it’s getting increasingly hard to do so. I’m not a big
health nut or anything – just want a chance to develop her
taste palate as naturally as possible. Trust me, she gets plenty of
sugar: my kid can down a pint of strawberries in twenty minutes
flat. She just doesn’t get junk food.

Or should I say, didn’t get junk food.

We wanted to walk to BR and knew if we ate ice cream Maddie would
want some. I make frozen treats for her out of pureed fruit –
the mango, banana, and pineapple one is her favorite – and
had prepared a bowl of that to bring along so she could eat
“ice cream” with us. Unfortunately, I forgot it, so I
broke down and let Maddie have some fruit sorbet.

Watching her go from brain-freeze mode to the tentative
“I’m not sure I like this” mode to the
shoveling-it-in-as-fast-as-she-can mode was pretty fun. So was
seeing the sugar course through her little veins – you could
almost pinpoint the exact second her heart rate sped up, and the
phrase “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” would not have
been inappropriate. At first unsure she’d want to finish her
kids’ scoop, by the end her hand was a blur it was moving so

And the walk home? I think it took half the time getting there did.
Her feet conjured up images of that old cartoon, Speedy Gonzalez. I
am pretty sure she ran the entire way home – over a mile
– and laughed and sang and shrieked hysterically the whole
way home.

Cuteness! What’s not to love about a kid hopped up on sugar?

And then she crashed.

You’ve all seen it, so I won’t describe it in detail.
Let’s just say there was a lot of crying, a lot of sobbing, a
lot of collapsing on the floor heartbroken over (fill in the

Which is when I vowed to never let her have sugar again. Just
kidding. Sort of.

So we’ve broken the barrier, one month shy of her second
birthday. We certainly won’t be repeating it any time soon,
and made sure she understood that this was a “treat”
and that those don’t happen often. We’ve also explained
that not all treats are edible – some treats are events, like
going to the zoo.

But hearing her say over and over again, “More treat! More
treat!” I have to admit, I have my doubts that much of that
sunk in.


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