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Clothing Savvy

A few things that are important to
understand about me and the world of infant clothing:

First, I loved baby clothes. Think they’re really cute. And,
compared to adult clothes, really cheap. And, since they outgrow
them so fast, I always have an excuse to go shopping.

Second, I think that clothing giving is a tricky thing. You have to
not only have good taste, but similar taste to the person to whom
you’re giving the gift. And if you’re giving someone
baby clothes, I think the clothing should be not only cute, but
well-made enough to last more than two washings.

Third, I have strong opinions about how
kids should be dressed. Big surprise, I know. But I’m a big
believer in age-appropriate clothing and can’t stand seeing
three-year-olds dressed like Britney Spears. I also have a real
problem with people who use their kids as billboards for the
parents’ own beliefs: I mean, if you don’t like
President Bush’s foreign policies, that’s fine, but
having a one-year-old wear a onesie with his picture on it and the
word “Fascist” is a bit much. And yes, I’ve seen

At the same time, I’m a New Yorker, and I’m always
looking for hip, wry, original clothing. Now add age-appropriate,
non-offensive, and well-made, and you’ve got a tall order to
fill. But I’m always on the lookout, and when I find
something great I pass it on to you so you don’t have to do
the hard work.

Right after Cora was born we got a package of clothes from target="_blank" href="http://www.savvytot.com">Savvy Tot
and I have to say they fit the bill. A really cute assortment of
onesies and tees with slogans like “Grandma’s Future
Tech Support”, “Crib Potato”, and “Town
Crier”, you’ll find it easier to keep your sense of
humor at 3 a.m. And they even skate dryly but very charmingly
around the political arena with, “Spit Up On Authority”
and (my absolute favorite), “Don’t Blame Me – I
Can’t Vote Until 2025”. The clothes are excellent
quality and a nice thick knit so they’ll stand up to lots of
abuse. And as a really cool baby gift alternative, they’ve
got receiving blankets that say “Heaven Sent” which
they’ll personalize with a date a la postage meter for the
new one. Cora’s worn the hat, is still growing into the pants
she was given, and Maddie’s proudly worn her t-shirt to
excess. And you know how picky Maddie is about her clothes; every
morning after breakfast she hops down from her chair in her pjs and
says, "What have you laid out for me today?" Never mind that she
chose the clothes herself the night before - it still warrants a
second inspection before dressing. On the best days, I'll be
cleaning the breakfast dishes and hear a "Ooh, this is so cute,"
come floating out from her room. All this to say that if she likes
Savvy Tot, it's a keeper.

So if you’re looking for cool and good quality, check them
out. I half wish they came in my size.


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