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Sick and Tired

Yes, we’re sick. And I’m tired
of it.

A few days ago Maddie and I went to a playdate with several other
kids. Apparently one mother brought her toddler along, even though
he was sick with a cold, because he didn’t want to miss it.
When did I find this out? Was it after he took a drink out of my
daughter’s water and I didn’t wipe it because I
didn’t want to seem petty? Nope.

I received this news from another friend, as I complained about
Maddie and I having a cold and not being able to figure out where
we’d picked it up.

Yes, I am frustrated. And yes, it’s
been bad the past few days, dealing with a sick and whiny toddler
while I myself am sick. And still getting up all night with a
newborn. The hardest part, though, was me busting my butt to try to
keep this cold away from Cora. Which meant pulling a bewildered and
sobbing Maddie off of her baby sister as she cried, “I just
want to kiss her!” And running everywhere with the bottle of
hand saniziter, even wiping Cora’s face and hands with it.
And smiling and waving at Cora from a distance, even as she
obviously craved interaction with me. And trying to hold my breath
as I nursed her.

I could have saved myself a lot of work. Because Cora woke up
monumentally stuffy around midnight last night.

I want to somehow go back in time and undo this thing. I sit there
at three a.m. and listen to my daughter try to nurse, pull off the
breast and cry because she can’t breathe, latch on again
another few seconds, and on and on. Repeat every two hours.

Can you tell I’m frustrated? Maddie was an extraordinarily
healthy baby – she didn’t have her first illness until
she was almost 14 months. So I never dealt with the suction bulb
for noses or any of that stuff. (In case you haven’t used
one, I just tried it today. And guess what? Babies hate it.) And I
knew Cora wouldn’t last that long with Maddie so out and
about in the world, but I’d at least hoped we’d make it
until the winter before she got sick. Now my milk is drying up
because I’m sick and running on empty, and Cora’s
nursing round the clock, and trust me, I’ve been happier.

I can honestly tell you that after much reflection and prayer,
I’ve forgiven the other mommy. She certainly didn’t do
it to be mean and would feel awful if she knew what I was going
through. And I know that in the grand scheme of things this
isn’t such a big deal. And who knows what I’d do in her

Right now I’m simply sick and tired and hoping it will be all
over soon.

On the bright side, at leas there’s no projectile vomiting


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