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Straight From The Toddler's Mouth

Maddie woke up from a nap recently and,
upon my arrival into her room, launched right into the following
conversation with absolutely no preamble:

“Well, Mama, in the middle of my nap-nap I decided I needed
to get my monster socks on.” (I should explain here that
Maddie’s monster socks are special fuzzy socks with nonskid
bottoms that her Auntie Pat gave her two years ago for Christmas.
Maddie hit a point soon afterwards where she’d refuse to take
her dirty, wet, snow-crusted socks off at bedtime, convinced that
in her bare feet she’d be fair game for the monsters. Thus
the invention of the monster socks, which safely protect the feet
from said monsters, and which were deemed an acceptable alternative
to her grungy day socks. They come out every fall and heaven help
us when she can no longer stretch them over her feet. But I

“Ok,” I said cautiously.

“Because it’s getting to be that time of year.”

“What time of year?”

I receive a look usually reserved for very slow people who
don’t move fast enough in the ice cream line. “Monster
sock season. So here’s what I did, mommy – I got slowly
down from my bed, one step at a time. Then I crept quietly towards
my changing table, opened the pink door, and noticed some of my
tights had fallen out of their tub. So I put the tights back in,
found my monster socks, carefully closed the door, and crawled back
to the bed. Then I climbed back in and put my monster socks on and
went right back to nap-nap.”

Maddie was so pleased with herself – for finding the socks,
solving the problem, handling everything herself – but I was
struck by the sheer descriptiveness of her narration. My child
apparently has quite the thing for adverbs, enthusiastically
filling out her story in a way that really had me there with her,
creeping along the floor. I also loved how she couldn’t let
her messy tights tub stay that way, and had to interrupt her
mission for a brief organizational side-trip.

Her stream-of-consciousness rambles post-nap simply enchant me, and
I had to write one down to share with everyone. I just love this

And if you’re wondering, she hasn’t started putting
them on at night as part of her night-night routine yet, but I do
find the monster socks tangled in with the sheets almost every

Apparently Maddie was right, and monster sock season is upon


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