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Taking Food From My Little Girl's Mouth

I’ve been wandering the house
listlessly, looking for something to stuff in my mouth. It’s
the whole feed-a-cold thing; when I’ve got a cold nothing
sounds good, and I lean towards bland foods like biscuits and plain
noodles. At the same time, I realize I have two kids to feed and
they’re not so interested in having pancakes for dinner. Ok,
maybe they are, but as a good mommy I can’t very well say,
“Pile in the car! We’re going to IHOP for

Ok, well, maybe I can, and maybe last night I was just too
exhausted from the cold to contemplate a toddler hopped up on
syrup, and settle for pretending to eat chicken with her for

Anyway, I do some bland grazing during the day while the girls
aren’t around to see my bad eating habits and sit through
meals with token fruits and veggies on the plate. Which means that
after they go to bed I’m hungry and still looking for
something inoffensive to eat.

And last night, I found the answer.

Instead of cheese goldfish we snack on
Annie’s organic cheddar bunnies in our house; same cheesy
principle, same fun animal snack idea, but better for the
environment and marginally better for the girls to eat. Well,
Annie’s makes chocolate bunnies too – they’re
very similar to chocolate Teddy Grahams. And we bought a box as
rewards for potty training; we keep a few in a little glass jar for
her to get her reward out of, and the rest sealed up in the box.

I was staring the cupboard and found the chocolate bunnies
languishing there, gathering dust. And I thought, Hey! Those look

Oh yeah, they are.

If you’ve never tried them, don’t start. I’m a
big chocolate snob – won’t eat chocolate sorbet because
there’s not cocoa butter fat in it, and insist you call
M&Ms candy rather than chocolate. So I’ve never been a
huge fan of chocolate crackers or cookies, since they don’t
have enough buttery fat in them to be satisfying to me. But these
bunnies, I tell ya, they hit the spot in a major way. Not too heavy
when you’ve got a cold, not too sweet, but crisp and

I sat down and before I realized it had eaten nearly the whole box.
Oops. I’m clearly going to have to buy more before Maddie
realizes what I’ve done. Though at the rate she’s going
with the potty training, she won’t notice any time soon.

And once I buy some more, I’ll have to make sure I stay WAY
far away from them. Or else I’d consider them my personal

Hey! I could buy my own box!

Time to hit the grocery store.


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